“Roadie: The Documentary” Enters Post-Production

Andy Strohl of Strohl Digital Productions has been selected by the Producers of “Roadie: The Documentary” to bring this feature to life in its final phase of editing. This movie has been a passion project of Writer/Director TJ Hoffmann for the last 7 years and while footage gathering has almost wrapped for this project, the editing has just begun at SD productions. Also contributing in this phase of editing is the amazing Timmy Lunsford of Exit House Films in Los Angeles, California. The film is set for release in 2015. Andy and Timmy have also been Cinematographers on this film with Andy Strohl covering the East Coast while Timmy has shot on the West Coast.

Who are the roadies lurking in the shadow of the modern American rock star. Where do they come from, why do they do it and, most of all, where are they going. “Roadie: The Documentary” sets out to answer these burning questions and lift the curtain for an all in your face glimpse at the moving parts of America’s last, great blue collar army.

Here’s a link to the trailer:


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