Hawk Pointe Preserve

Hawk Pointe is committed to preserving New Jersey’s lush green trees, wildlife and pre-revolutionary history which is unmatched in the tri-state region. This commitment has brought Hawk Pointe to where it is today. Richard Cotton, a lifelong resident of Warren County and managing partner of Hawk Pointe Community had a vision for a parcel of land located off of Route 31 in Washington, New Jersey. His plan was to transform a 325-acre parcel of land into a self-sustaining, land-based planning project which would benefit local, rural communities and not damage the delicate environmental balance or the significance of the land.

Hawk Pointe would become known as a multi-generational place where families could gather and play, meet, or spend time together. Hawk Pointe Golf Club is a private, non-equity facility which fosters a sense of community among Members and Families and Strohl Digital Productions is proud to partner with this amazing facility.