KERCHIEF Music Video Directed by Andy Strohl

In this narrative music video Andy Strohl creates a world in which an artist’s inspiration can be stolen and locked away in an instant. Brittany Hill (playing herself) enlists the help of a seedy private investigator (played by Chris Smith) to help find the thief (played by Lacey Jeka).

OUT Magazine describes the song:

In the song “Jack London,” we hear plenty of rock ‘n’ roll hooks (Joan Jett, are you listening?) that make for repeat listenings, and the video shows lust, desperation, and the anxiety of trying to survive — not matter what your situation.

Curve Magazine says:

A dynamic composition tensely contained by its recurrent low-end hypnosis with a cumulating burst from a boundless wall of sound set the perfect tone, tying an underlying story of a creative person’s journey from angst to ease. Distinguished drum patterns contributed by producer Matty Amendola, alongside Hill’s experimental melodic guitar arrangements, will have audiophiles hitting the repeat button while satisfying the first-time listener with its engaging hook.

Check out Kerchief here.