Mieka Pauley Sings “Wreck” at Studio A Philadelphia

We had the pleasure of working with the incomparable singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley a last year at Studio A in Philadelphia. This was a project put together by Andy Strohl of Strohl Digital Productions, Lance Davis and Mattias Nilsson from Studio A in Philadelphia and Patryk Larney of Hope Tree Entertainment. This is a perfect example of how artists from different backgrounds can come together and make something beautiful. Huge thanks to Josh Pannepacker, Adrian Bush and Joe Lauro for their work on this video as well!

About Mieka Pauley:

In June 2012, she released The Science of Making Choices, financed completely by fans via PledgeMusic. In August 2009, she released an EP From the Mouth of Paris under the short-lived band name “The Mieka Canon” since she re-released under her own name via Cosmopolitan Magazine‘s StarLaunch. In November 2007, she released Elijah Drop Your Gun, also financed by fans.