Rules of Cool Web Series Episode 5 “Work The Dating Scene”

Rules of Cool is a labor of love from creators Caitlin Cooke & Lacey Jeka who live in New York City. Andy Strohl who worked as Director of Photography and edited the web series owns and operates Strohl Digital Productions, a boutique production house creating original content for television and the web. SD Productions is proud of our association with AKA Productions as well as Hope Tree Entertainment and plan to work with both production companies more in the future!

Series Synopsis:

Enter Kate and Lucy. Two deluded BFFs in New York City living off of Chinese food and their parents’ check books . On their fifth day of binge-watching reality TV, Kate takes a “How Cool Are You?” quiz in a magazine with devastating results. Thus begins a race to check off the magazine’s list that shakes up their world and ultimately reinvents what it means to be cool.

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Series cast includes: Caitlin Cooke, Lacey Jeka, Jake Robinson, Ravi Roth, Allen Kendall, Ashley Kate Adams, Robert W. Smith, Kenny Santucci and Bryan Langlitz.

Series music includes songs from: Mieka Pauley, Caleb Hawley, Eddie “Edit” Amaya, Laura Reed, Rachel Potter, Astin Erikson and many more!






Series Crew:

Executive Producer: Ashley Kate Adams

Co-Executive Producer: Tracy Goldenberg

Supervising Producer: Patryk Larney

Associate Producer:  Karen Cooke

Director:  Patryk Larney

Assistant Director: Janine Lee Papio

Director of Photography: Andy Strohl

2nd DP:  Kevin Crisp

Editor: Andy Strohl

Sound Engineer: Kevin Crisp

Casting By: Ashley Kate Adams & Caitlin Cooke

Key Make Up & Wardrobe: Janine Lee Papio

Production Assistants: Chandler Smith & Richard Cortes